The general purpose of the community is to support and develop new projects. For this reason, it includes a safe and fair launchpad environment for new projects. These launchpads are a safe system for both users and projects.


Everyone in the community has the right to express their opinion in the community. Each member can make a proposal or vote on the proposal that has been presented. The community also makes a decision in line with these recommendations

Citizen Card

AcademyDAO Card is like the citizenship certificate of the community. If a member has this card, they both have a share in the revenues of the community and can participate in the voting, as well as benefit from the agreements made on behalf of the community.


AcademyDAO Token is used in Community decisions and community launchpads. It has a limited supply and incineration emissions. The Total Token Supply is 10,000,000 Tokens and this supply can be burned to a maximum of 50%. The community decides whether or not to burn.


About the token?

AcademyDAO Token, is the native token used in voting and launchpads within the DAO. Half of its supply is locked in the DAO's own contract. The management of these tokens is again done by the decision of the DAO. It uses Etherhum and Avax Infrastructure as technology. The amount of supply is fixed and half belongs to the DAO's Contract.

Token Sale


1000 AcademyDAO Token and launcpad allocations.

Buy With 0.35 Avax


9000 AcademyDAO Token and Vip launcpad allocations.

Buy With 3 Avax